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Super Designers United or SDU is a Zoo Tycoon 2 User Expansion Team. It was originally named Spanish Designers United, it was founded on the ZT2 Spanish Developers Forum. The spanish idea was changed in an international idea to get more members. Some SDU works include the almost released small pack Mexican Marvels and the big expansion Wild New World. Some of their Spanish members remain unknown on ZT2 community.


  • Realy (leader, coder)
  • Tyranno rex* (co-founder, coder)
  • Ailurus* (co-leader, skinner, mesher)
  • Pewenator (co-leader, skinner)
  • Dinosaur (coder, skinner)
  • Wildfox* (skinner)
  • Jntg4 * (coder)
  • Spartan(concept designing and map maker)
  • Cristhianmlr(coder, mesher)
  • Coolcon55 (skinner, mesher)
  • Gorgonopsid Master* (coder)
  • Mightyshakespeare* (skinner)
  • Goldzone* (mesher, coder, skinner)
  • Animal fan man223 (skinner)
  • Sircosmius (ideas, Spanish translator, skinner, coder)
  • Guinea Dilong (skinner)
  • The Y2J problem (graphic designer)
  • Mad Head (coder, skinner)
  • Blood Stricken (skinner, mapmaker)
  • Corvus Corax (skinner)

* - indicates member is currently inactive



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