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Temperate Forest is a biome in Zoo Tycoon 2.


It is a biome found farther from the equator. It is home of many decidous hardwoods and has four normal seasons. It is commonly found in the Appalachian Mountains, Western Europe, Madagascar, Eastern China, and Eastern Australia.


Zoo Tycoon 2Edit

Animal Status Expansion required
Barbary Ape Vulnerable African Adventure
Spectacled Bear Vulnerable Endangered Species
Aurochs Extinct Extinct Animals
Bush-Antlered Deer Extinct Extinct Animals
Koala Low Risk Endangered Species
Spanish Lynx Critically Endangered Endangered Species
Giant Panda Endangered None
Red Panda Endangered None
Common Peafowl Low Risk None
Thylacine Extinct Extinct Animals

Zoo Tycoon XboxEdit

  • African Forest Elephant
  • Cinnamon Bear
  • Formosan Bear
  • Kermode Bear
  • Olympic Black Bear
Alpine  • Benthic  • Boreal Forest  • Coastal  • Desert  • Grassland  • Pelagic  • Reef  • Savannah  • Scrub  • Temperate Forest  • Tropical Rainforest • Tundra • Wetlands

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