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Temperate Forest

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Zoo Tycoon 2
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
Broadleaf Decid.
Amur Forest, East Australia Forests, & Appalachian Mountains

Temperate Forest is a biome in Zoo Tycoon 2.


Dominated by hardwoods, temperate forests have a diverse understory of many plant species. Conifers can still be present, but most trees are deciduous hardwoods that drop their leaves in winter. Temperate forests are known for their four seasons which will have a more or less severe winter depending on their proximity to the equator. More subtropical temperate forests teuib iuiuind to be warmer and may go without snow and just have a rainy season.


Animal Status Star Rating Location Pack
Common Peafowl Low Risk 0.5 Asia Zoo Tycoon 2
Giant Panda Endangered 5 China Zoo Tycoon 2
Red Panda Endangered 4 China Zoo Tycoon 2
Asiatic Black Bear Vulnerable 2 Asia Downloads
Koala Low Risk 2.5 Australia Endangered Species
Spanish Lynx Critically Endangered 3.5 Spain Endangered Species
Spectacled Bear Vulnerable 4 South America Endangered Species
Barbary Ape Vulnerable 2.5 Northwest Africa African Adventure
Aurochs Extinct 1 Eurasia Extinct Animals
Bush-Antlered Deer Extinct 1.5 Eurasia Extinct Animals
Thylacine Extinct 3 Tasmania Extinct Animals
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