Tesara is an inactive Zoo Tycoon fansite and one of the fastest-growing in community history. It has several staff members and has been designed to be family-friendly. It's features include free-use avatars, banners, and wallpapers as well as groups and competitions. It also has exclusives by designers such as Ludozoo, Sophie and Iben. The site has become quite famous within the community for having a fast-growing downloads database in comparison to other websites. It maintains ties with ZTV and also had ties with ZTH until it's closing, and with Environ until it closed.

Recently, the root admin Iben left his post as he grew tired of the problems between community sites and because of the disagreements with another admin which he now no longer considers to be a friend.

Click here to visit Tesara.

Tesara has become inactive since the start of 2013 due to Sophie and most of the admins leaving. For a more active forum, please visit Gaia .

Sometime in June-July 2013, Tesara was archived, meaning it is no longer accepting new members and probably posts, keeping all the posts and downloads preserved and welcome to guests due to the massive inactivity.

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