The term "The Great Chain" comes from the idea that a chain of forums has branched off from another in accordance to downloads and designers.

The term originated from the idea that there were duplicates of the same forum but under a different name with the same material. The Great Chain triggered after the shutdown of Caldera Unlimited when the exiled staff made a forum after Caldera named "Environ," which was meant to be a temporary refugee forum for the people of Caldera. However, this continued on when designers left to move to the new website Tesara which brought most of the community there from Environ, and eventually the same thing occurred with Northern Skies. Even though Northern Skies' planning was years in advance of it's launch it became a part of the chain when it's user base moved onto to Gaia. Currently two sites part of this chain exist. Supposedly being Gaia on the way out as The Round Table takes over next.

The essential ideas of The Great Chain is often rejected by people who support a unified community or a community share.

Sites Included in the Chain

Caldera Unlimted

Caldera Unlimited (colloquially CU) was started in January 2009 by Braq (Then Brachiosaur) and Black Lemur. Following a February coup by VGnome that displaced Braq from the Administration. The Site went on from there with VGnome regressing from control while Komori Miharu and Mysty became more prominant as admins. In Early November, in CU's waining days, VGnome had returned with a hack threat that caused such an issue within the staff that the staff felt it necessary to move to a new site. Environ was made originally with the intent of being temporary. The Site experienced a small rebirth in November when VGnome re-acquired control of the site. Soon it was destroyed with only VGnome as administrator.


Following the issues with CU's end, Komori MIharu and Murdock129 started Environ with most of the staff from CU including Mysty. The site was also where soon to be bigger players saw rising of their careers such as Sophie and Iben. Following a split in the staff however, Sophie and Iben left to make Tesara. Environ had one of the longest life spans of sites as of yet, being frequented from November 6th 2009 to January 13th,2011 when it was officially closed down.


In about Early 2011 Sophie and Iben, along with a faction of the Environ staff, left Environ to start Tesara. Soon the main populace followed. The site grew with an enormous Download Database until Northern Skies began. At first it co-existed with Tesara, however after the Admins left Tesara, the main population migrated to Northern Skies. Recently Tesara was archived.

Northern Skies

Northern Skies' planning originated possibly before the Chain by Aurora Designs leaders ZooMaster and Simba. It fell into the chain when it began to sap away the member base of Tesara. Northern Skies had the advantage of being started and catered by Aurora Designs. It and ZTV became the only remaining sites in early 2012. Starting around April in 2013, it as well began to lose it's members to a new site called Gaia.


Gaia started in April of 2012. The site was created by Gerben after a revolt in the Northern Skies staff caused by Julleren. The site, though realatively old, has a affiliating process with The Round Table, like in the old days. If it does cave to the system as the others have before, it will be the oldest lasted site in the chain, surviving at least one year and four months.

The Round Table

Round Table is with Gaia the current "Darling" site. It has become as active as Gaia since it's founding in by jragonizer (JRA), zozmonster (zebrasorus) and Danny (Dannelboyz). It was opened fully on March 3 and since then, jragonizer and zozmonster have left the comminity. Currently, the site is in a prime being so very new as well as having been started by what can only be described as a "Rookie" administrator. The ZT2 Round Table was originally created by JRA and zebrasorus back part-way through Northern Skies' "reign" till a little before Gaia started, but was largely unsuccessful back then.

ZTV as Part of the Chain

There is an idea accompanying the Great Chain theory that ZTV is a part of the chain and in fact is the original site to give credit to. The idea is not without criticism and dismissal though as ZTV, unlike all the recognized sites in the chain, has maintained a consistently high user base for over 6 years, going from 2006-2013. Only recently due to Staff corruption and cultural decay has the site dissipated to below 10 regular members.Another problem is that the original creators of Caldera Unlimited created a site that did not take the entire population of ZTV but instead split it in half and became it's own magnet of users.

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