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helpful tips on zoo tycoon 2

- always make sure your animals are happy, and well cared for.

- add staff centers for your staff, or they will sit on park benches, and then your guests will get mad.

- the species of animals in your park is more important than the number of animals in your park.

- make large exhibits for your animals.

- An unhappy dinosaur is a dangerous dinosaur, make sure that your rampagable dinosaurs are kept perfectly content.

- make sure guests can see the animals, but make sure they can't get too close to them, or the animal might scare the guests.

- just because an animal has a low star rating dosen't mean guests hate it, guests particularly love Lions, Velociraptors and Bongos despite their low fame rating.

- a Tyrannosaurus requires an immense amount of space, and a mated pair requires even more, make sure you are prepared for a Tyrannosaurus before you get one.

- Tank walls can function as unbreakable fences.

- conform to the unrealism of the game, don't add Monkey puzzle trees to a Triceratops exhibit just because it is realistic, by the game's standards it is unnatural.

- keep Utahraptor exhibits far away from the zoo walls, they are so fast they can run straight through them and dissapear.

- even though Cheetahs are satisfied by somewhat low amounts of space, give them large exhibits so they can run around, when running in a small exhibit a cheetah may glitch through a fence.          they may also be able to run through the zoo walls like utahraptors but this is unconfirmed

- The game says that Geladas can live with Ethiopian wolves, short and sweet, they can't.

-  Stokesosaurus is one of the few things that can kill a utahraptor, if you have the two in one zoo, make their exhibits far away from each other.

- naming an animal seems to make it happier.

- guests love seeing animals that live together sharing an exhibit.

- Guests like to see continuity, if a guests favorite elephant dies overnight, they want to see a new elephant, not something like a wildebeest.

- Wolves are not exactly pack animals in the game, and groups will have infighting in the group, this was fixed in African Adventure however.

- Carnotaurus, Utahraptor and Ankylosaurus are especially prone to rampage for no real reason at all, be cautious with allowing guests to get close to them.

- If putting two or more different kinds of animals in the same exhibit requires mixing biomes, do it anyway, the animals should be happy if done correctly, with an even mix of trees, rocks, plants, and ground covering from each biome

- Do not attempt to have "free-ranging animals" that wander the zoo, even though it is a realistic idea

- Elephants of both kinds do not mix with American Mastodon, their biomes are too different

- Smilodon can NOT live with wolves, the two will fight

- You can save money by using normal tank walls for a show tank

- Guests hate elevated paths and hardly ever go on them, use them only as roofs for buildings (see Cheats, specifically the Zoo Tycoon 2 section)

- Striped Hyenas are not as vicious as they are in real life, if they break out, there is no need for mass hysteria, just get them back in their pen

- Cave lions HATE the tundra biome, unlike most alpine animals

- since Nile Crocodiles do not use shelter, you need to give them a part of their exhibit that guests can't see

- Penguins prefer mainly flat exhibits, large ramps and valleys can make them unhappy

- Tyrannosaurus rex can live in the grassland biome and is perfectly compatible with grassland trees, because rainforest plants cost a lot of money, have most of their exhibit be grassland, but with some rainforest floor

- Despite how flexible they are in real life, Orcas, Great White Sharks and Bengal Tigers HATE any biome except the ones they come from.

- Angry Velociraptors can and WILL climb your fences, but it is usually hard to notice because they have no animation for it, they just go through the fence

- Deinonychus cannot live with Tyrannosaurus, pretty much the only things that can live with T-rex are Bongos, Javan Rhinoceri, and other Tyrannosaurus

- Otters do not need a lot of space, but they can dirty up their water much faster than in a larger exhibit

- Guests like seeing baby animals more than adults, the only exceptions are Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops

- It's unrealistic, but guests like seeing Triceratops living with Stegosaurus

- Stokesosaurus is like Allosaurus, it can and WILL brutally kill any Stegosaurus it sees.

zoo tycoon 2 game help

- for animal downloads go to [1]

- for game cheats go to [2] scroll down and find the zoo tycoon game you want cheats for

- to make videos and post them on, you have to use hypercam, or fraps. you would need to download them

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