Tyranachu is a male designer from the Philippines and a member of Wild Designs and the Interesting Island team. He is now mostly active on The Round Table and has been known to work together with fellow designer Bill Nguyen (Formally known as one_piece) on animals like the Masaikasaurus.

List of Downloads

-Allosaurus fragilis


- Carnotaurus sastrei




-A Dimetrodon "Remake"

(Does not replace the Dimetrodon but is rather a new animal)




-Giant Moa










-Pegomastax africanus

-A Xenomorph

-Prehistoric Dragon

-Parahipus leoninsis

-Carcass Remake

-Thylacine Remake

-Spotted Hyena

-Giant Panda Remake

-Smilodon Remake

-American Mastodon Remake

-Stegosaurus Remake

-WWD Iguanadon

-African Cichlid Pack

-Domestic Pig



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