The Ultimate Pack of Dinosaurs, known colloquially as UPOD, is a large expansion made by longtime designer Kingcobrasaurus for ZT2. It is a pack that has 40 prehistoric dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era.

It is divided into two halves. The first half contains Ornithischian (bird-hipped, mostly herbivorous dinosaurs) and has been released at Environ, Tesara and Zoo Tycoon Volcano. The second half will have Saurischian (Lizard-hipped dinosaurs).


Prehistory's Greatest Moments

In late December of 2009, Kingcobrasaurus began on a new expansion pack called Prehistory's Greatest Moments. He planned to have about 25 different prehistoric animals, including dinosaurs, crocodiles and prehistoric mammals. He worked on it for a few months until his computer crashed in March. PGM contained several animals that have/will be seen in UPOD and TA, including Prenocephale, Tarbosaurus, and the Pygmy Panda.

List of animals

UPOD will have 40 animals, 21 of which have already been released. All of them are extinct dinosaurs.


Ornithischians are bird-hipped dinosaurs. They include the hadrosaurs, heterodontosaurs, ceratopsians and stegosaurs. UPOD centers around three groups of Ornithischians specifically.


Pachycephalosaurs, "thick-headed lizards", are small- to medium-sized bipedal omnivorous dinosaurs that inhabited Europe, North America and Asia. Like their closest relatives, the Ceratopsians, they most likely had a series of sharp quills on their tails. They are known for most of their members to have a dome-shaped swelling on their heads. The function of this dome has been subject to speculation and debate for decades. Kingcobrasaurus believes that the dome was used only for sexual display and that it was the bony support for a keratinous horn, and he applies this belief to his pachycephalosaurs. This has been subject to raging controversy, because the majority of community members believe that the dome was used for head- or flank-butting. Eventually, Kingcobrasaurus reluctantly made a domed version that could be downloaded by those who do not believe the horn idea.


Homalocephale is a small pachycephalosaur that lived in the desert oasis of Mongolia, 80 million years ago. It measured 6 feet long and was about the size of a dog. It is unique among pachycephalosaurs for having a flat head, rather than a domed head. Its name means "Flat Head", a very fitting name indeed. The Homalocephale was the first animal of UPOD to be made. It was originally made with a tan-colored skin based off of a drawing by wikipedia user, FunkMonk. However, it lacked detail and it was eventually changed to an orange spotted skin based off National Geographic's Lesothosaurus reconstruction.


Wannanosaurus was a tiny pachycephalosaur and is among the smallest animals in the pack. It lived in the late Cretaceous of China and measured about 2 feet long. Despite its small size, the fused, well-developed bones in the skeleton show that it was fully grown when it died. Like Homalocephale, it had a flat head. Its name means "Wannan Tiny Lizard", named after the Wannan region where it was found. In the game, Wannanosaurus is more predatory than other pachycephalosaurs, and it will hunt down small animals. it was originally given a grainy green-yellow striped skin that Kingcobrasaurus made from scratch, but it was very un-detailed, so he decided to re-do it. It now has a gray and purple color based off of National Geographic's Pachycephalosaurus reconstruction. It is often described as being the cutest animal in the pack.


Often confused with the unrelated Stegosaurus, Stegoceras is a dog-sized pachycephalosaur that lived up in the mountain ranges of Canada. It measured 6 feet long. It was an extremely adaptable and successful pachycephalosaur that survived for 10 million years until the very end of the Mesozoic era. It had an egg-shaped dome. Its name means "Roof Horn", which makes sense if you believe the horn theory. Stegoceras is among the most acclaimed animals in the pack, celebrated for having a very detailed and seamless skin.


Prenocephale was the size of a Great Dane, at 8 feet long. It lived in Late Cretaceous Mongolia. It had a round, bowling ball-shaped dome. The Prenocephale was well-received by the public, but others said its skin was too cartoony. Its skin was based off of a Stegoceras drawing by Dougal Dixon.


If any dinosaur looked like a medieval dragon, this was it. Dracorex measured 10 feet long and lived in the Late Cretaceous of North America. It had a flat head, like Homalocephale and Wannanosaurus, but it was adorned with sharp horns and spikes. This made it look very fearsome. Its name means "Dragon King of Hogwarts", in honor of the Harry Potter series of novels. Dracorex's skin was made from scratch. It will not override the Dracorex that was made by DinosaurMan. Dracorex had mixed reception. Some declared it as their favorite animal in the pack due to its horns, while others didn't want to see another Dracorex after DM had made one beautifully. (However, DM made the Primeval version, which took several creative licenses, not the actual Dracorex.)


Stygimoloch was a 15-foot long pachycephalosaur that lived in the Late Cretaceous. It had a thin, tall dome, with enormous, devil-like spikes jutting out everywhere. It looked even more fearsome than a tyrannosaur or dromaeosaur of the same size. Indeed, its name means "Horned River Devil". Dracorex had mixed reception. Some liked it due to its horns, while others didn't want to see another Stygimoloch after MMM had made one beautifully. (However, CC will never be released, so it's fine to make another one.)


Pachycephalosaurus was the biggest of its kind, at 25 feet long, about the size of a car. Its name means "thick-headed lizard". It lived in North America. The original skin was based off a drawing of Stygimoloch by Dougal Dixon. However, it was reskinned based off of a Hypsilophodon reconstruction that Kingcobrasaurus found on Google Images. Pachycephalosaurus was generally well-received overall.





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