The unicorn is a mythical horse-like animal with a single horn in the middle of the head. It is present in the original Zoo Tycoon; to unlock it, an exhibit must be named "Xanadu". If the "Xanadu" exhibit name is changed, they disapear from the animals menu, but existing ones continue to live. They also disappear if the named Xanadu is broken. Their foals resemble zebras with an orange mane and tail.

Zoo Tycoon

Location: Europe

Attractiveness: Adult - 90 / Young - 270

Minimum Cost: $12,000 (2 Animals)

Animals in Exhibit: 2-4

Exhibit Type: Deciduous Forest

Exhibit Size: 60 Squares per Animal

Crowd Shyness: 20

Strength: 0

Initial Happiness: 75

Zookeeper Food Type: Hay

Zoo Tycoon animals

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