Just for fun, I've decided to list which of the official animals in the Zoo Tycoon series I have actually seen IRL. This particular blog is specifically for the animals of the original Zoo Tycoon.

Zoo Tycoon

  1. African Buffalo
  2. African Elephant
  3. African Warthog
  4. American Bison
  5. American Black Bear
  6. Arctic Wolf
  7. Bengal Tiger
  8. Black Leopard
  9. Black Rhinoceros
  10. California Sea Lion
  11. Cheetah
  12. Chimpanzee
  13. Clouded Leopard
  14. Common Wildebeest
  15. Dromedary Camel
  16. Gemsbok
  17. Giant Anteater
  18. Giraffe
  19. Greater Flamingo
  20. Grey Wolf
  21. Grizzly Bear
  22. Hippopotamus
  23. Ibex
  24. Jaguar
  25. Leopard
  26. Lion
  27. Lowland Gorilla
  28. Mandrill
  29. Markhor
  30. Moose
  31. Okapi
  32. Ostrich
  33. Plains Zebra
  34. Polar Bear
  35. Red Kangaroo
  36. Saltwater Crocodile
  37. Siberian Tiger
  38. Snow Leopard
  39. Spotted Hyena
  40. Thomson's Gazelle
  41. White Bengal Tiger


  • I have seen Bighorn Sheep, but specifically they were Desert Bighorn Sheep, and I don't think that's the species ZT was trying to portray somehow.

Marine Mania

  1. Bottlenose Dolphin
  2. Green Moray Eel
  3. Green Sea Turtle
  4. West Indian Manatee


  • Whilst I have seen Hammerhead Sharks, they were Scalloped, not Great, which I think the original game was trying to portray.
  • I have also seen a large octopus, but I'm not entirely sure of the species.


  1. African Wild Dog
  2. Asian Elephant
  3. Asiatic Black Bear
  4. Blackbuck
  5. Bongo
  6. Great Barracuda
  7. Llama
  8. Mountain Lion
  9. Reindeer
  10. Sable Antelope

Endangered Theme

  1. Japanese Serow
  2. Komodo Dragon
  3. Malaysian Tapir
  4. Orangutan
  5. Przewalski's Wild Horse

That equals 60 animals in total from the original ZT game.

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