I have been a lifelong fan of the Zoo Tycoon series. The Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection demo was actually the first computer game that I ever played. I thrived on just 8 animals for many years until I finally bought the Complete Collection. I was hooked. It's a shame that I never discovered the thriving community online at the time. Nowadays, all the community that I see is one or two people working hard to bring this timeless game back into the spotlight or a useless feud between two different fansites, ect ect. Well, I am here now! I have been contributing to the Wiki for the past few days and I have actually had fun working on it!

The new Zoo Tycoon that was released on Xbox 360 and One is an opportunity to revive this once great community! Let's take this chance to rope people into both the old and new games, and pray that we see a much deserved sequel to the PC.

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