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    Tame Dogs?

    July 7, 2013 by KittyLover22

    Yes. I checked all my sources. The download page and everything is real. Not fake. Just in case anyone thought it was fake....I thought I'd post this blog post.

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  • KittyLover22

    As the title says,here's a list of games. ZT2-Heavenly Help is included here. I know it is only  two games,but when they tell me the production for game is offical,I will add them here.

    Game Name Quick Description Focusing on... Features: Cover Art Release Date
    ZT2-Heavenly Help StarClan needs help...who are gonna call?...A Zoo Tycoon,of course! Heavenly Items and cats!

    .New Biome-Heaven

    .Heavenly Items and scenery!

    .Winged Guests!

    .Winged Cats!

    ZT2-BloodClan Madness BloodClan cats are invading Zoo Tycoon 2! Even Scourge is in... BloodClan-related items and cats!

    .New Biome-Alleyway

    .Adopt BloodClan cats:Raise an army!

    .Get 5 stars in any mode and Scourge will arrive in a crate and lead the take-over!

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    Altough the page was deleted, the game is now in production. And yes,again is no joke.

    Animals in the Slideshow are the animals in the game. Items may appear as concept art as well.

    Star-Leader of StarClan(How to Unlock is not yet known..)

    StarClan cats-Yeah,the name says all...mostly. In the game the cats will have starry fur.

    Items for the game.

    Place one in the same exhibit as the animals(Star and/or StarClan cats),and the cats will travel to and from StarClan. Sometimes,they will bring home an animal.

    Here are animals they could bring home. They will arrive in a crate(which is good news for you....):

    Animal Diet Conservation Status Description Other Stuff
    BloodClan Cat Blood,Meat,and Fish,along with garbage Umm...Low Risk? Colors varies They onl…

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    • ===Windows Movie-Maker===




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