As the title says,here's a list of games. ZT2-Heavenly Help is included here. I know it is only  two games,but when they tell me the production for game is offical,I will add them here.

Game Name Quick Description Focusing on... Features: Cover Art Release Date
ZT2-Heavenly Help StarClan needs help...who are gonna call?...A Zoo Tycoon,of course! Heavenly Items and cats!

.New Biome-Heaven

.Heavenly Items and scenery!

.Winged Guests!

.Winged Cats!

ZT2 Heavenly Help Offical Cover Art

The Offical Cover Art as of June 29,2013.

ZT2-BloodClan Madness BloodClan cats are invading Zoo Tycoon 2! Even Scourge is in... BloodClan-related items and cats!

.New Biome-Alleyway

.Adopt BloodClan cats:Raise an army!

.Get 5 stars in any mode and Scourge will arrive in a crate and lead the take-over!

Cover Art TBA TBA

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