That's right! A release of my user-made fandom of Amaroku is here! Still,you need to have the following computer stuff:

  • ===Windows Movie-Maker===

That's all you need to enjoy the film! Oh,and it's read-only,for anyone thinking of copying it. Since I didn't yet fully introduce the characters,so I'll do this now.

The Film's Characters


Amaroku is a magical wolf who wishes for a mate. He asks Ameowku,his feline friend,to create a mate for him with some of his DNA. But,the potion seems to backfire,and Amaroku is transported far from his home...


Ameowku,Amaroku's closest feline friend,is like a witch,mixing magic potions and creating new spells to help out themselves and their home. His latest potion,the Mate Creator,is supposed to make a mate from the same DNA that is mixed into the potion,but somehow it backfired. Suprisingly,Ameowku originally lived with witches.


Ahowlku,created with Amaroku's DNA,was created to be Amaroku's 'mate'.

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