Not a joke, this is real life. Currently being made by Cat World Games(the company) is joining with me to make ZT2-Heavenly Help.

ZT2 Heavenly Help Offical Cover Art

The Offical Cover Art as of June 29,2013.

Quick Stuff

Altough the page was deleted, the game is now in production. And yes,again is no joke.

Animals and Items

Animals in the Slideshow are the animals in the game. Items may appear as concept art as well.

The animals:

Star-Leader of StarClan(How to Unlock is not yet known..)

StarClan cats-Yeah,the name says all...mostly. In the game the cats will have starry fur.

The Items:

Items for the game.

Rainbow Arch

Place one in the same exhibit as the animals(Star and/or StarClan cats),and the cats will travel to and from StarClan. Sometimes,they will bring home an animal.

Here are animals they could bring home. They will arrive in a crate(which is good news for you....):

Animal Diet Conservation Status Description Other Stuff
BloodClan Cat Blood,Meat,and Fish,along with garbage Umm...Low Risk? Colors varies They only bring cats they have fled from BloodClan. They NEVER bring home Scourge,unless it's a newbie StarClan cat or something.
Scourge Meat,Fish,Human Food,Blood Low Risk(but killer) Wears a purple collar with teeth and claws of dogs and cats Enjoys watching cats die...and killing them.
Killer Cat Blood,Human,Blood,Meat,Fish Cloned(but still killer!) Similar to killer penguins,but are cats.. Kills ANYTHING but it's own species.

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