• RootFloatCream

    Eegle --> Eagle

    Deer --> Antelope (where necessary)

    Dear --> Deer

    Eagul --> Eagle

    Eegul --> Eagle

    Egle --> Eagle

    Egul --> Eagle

    Giraf --> Giraffe

    Girafe --> Giraffe

    Giraff --> Giraffe

    Geraf --> Giraffe

    Jeraf --> Giraffe

    Jiraf --> Giraffe

    Jiraff --> Giraffe

    Jirrafe --> Giraffe

    Gerif --> Giraffe

    Jerif --> Giraffe

    Geref --> Giraffe

    Jeref --> Giraffe

    Gerrafe --> Giraffe

    Geraf --> Giraffe

    Giref --> Giraffe

    Jiref --> Giraffe

    Graf --> Giraffe

    Draf --> Giraffe

    Jraf --> Giraffe

    Beer --> Bear

    Black --> Blak

    Black --> Blac

    Black --> Blakc

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  • RootFloatCream


    January 11, 2014 by RootFloatCream

    At least I finally got around to creating official content categories.

    I'd been considering it many times over the months but the sheer amount of pages meant that I put it off with all the work already to be done. For various reasons, I finally got around to doing it.

    I keep putting stub notices and such on articles and I feel like I'm closer to having noted all the articles that are stubs, even though a lot of them are still unnoted.

    Sometimes getting on this Wikia is frightening because I expect someone to have attacked me for something absolutely trivial.

    This is a Wikia, not a battleground. I don't really know why this place gets so heated sometimes. There's apparently been a ton of drama in this community in the past and I feel like I've …

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  • RootFloatCream

    Categories needed

    December 19, 2013 by RootFloatCream
    • Zoo Tycoon (Xbox) mammals
    • Zoo Tycoon (Xbox) reptiles
    • Zoo Tycoon (Xbox) fish
    • Zoo Tycoon fish
    • Zoo Tycoon reptiles
    • Zoo Tycoon mammals
    • Zoo Tycoon 2 fish
    • Zoo Tycoon 2 reptiles
    • Zoo Tycoon 2 mammals
    • Zoo Tycoon DS animals
    • Zoo Tycoon DS mammals
    • Zoo Tycoon DS reptiles
    • Zoo Tycoon DS fish
    • Zoo Tycoon 2 DS animals
    • Zoo Tycoon 2 DS mammals
    • Zoo Tycoon 2 DS reptiles
    • Zoo Tycoon 2 DS fish
    • Official biomes
    • Official Zoo Tycoon biomes
    • Official Zoo Tycoon 2 biomes
    • User-made biomes
    • User-made Zoo Tycoon 2 biomes
    • Official mammals
    • Official Zoo Tycoon mammals
    • Official Zoo Tycoon 2 mammals
    • Aquatic animals
    • Aquatic Zoo Tycoon animals
    • Aquatic Zoo Tycoon 2 animals
    • Aquatic Zoo Tycoon DS animals
    • Aquatic Zoo Tycoon 2 DS animals
    • Aquatic Zoo Tycoon (Xbox) animals
    • Official aquatic animals
    • Official aquatic Zoo T…
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  • RootFloatCream

    To-do List

    February 21, 2013 by RootFloatCream
    • Delete all the spam pages.
    • Place all of the article stubs in their respective article stub tags.
    • Complete placing all articles in the categories in which they belong.
    • Rename all of the articles to titles with proper grammar.
    • Make proper redirects for all of the articles that need them.
    • Add photos for all of the articles that require them.
    • Make all necessary disambiguation pages.
    • Place photos in all of the proper categories.
    • Remove unnecessary 'candidate for deletion' tags.
    • Fix up category trees.
    • Give descriptions to all categories that need them.
    • Make categories...
    • Make pages for plants.
    • Make pages for workers and NPCs.
    • Make pages for items.
    • Make more Zoo Tycoon-focused pages, since the Wikia is primarily Zoo Tycoon 2.
    • Hire sysops and administrators.
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  • RootFloatCream


    February 18, 2013 by RootFloatCream

    For my own personal use, I'm going to make a list of ambiguation pages that need to be made...

    - Monkeys.

    - Apes.

    - Zoo.

    - Dog.

    - Wolf.

    - Cat.

    - Deer.

    - Elephant.

    - Giraffe.

    - Panda.

    - Bear.

    - Whale.

    - Dolphin.

    - Snake.

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