Hello, I'm SpinoSquad. As some of you may know, I made VaranoMania & VaranoMania 2. With the design team Nightshade, I helped make the pack Cryptids of Europe and currently working on the pack Reptile Revolution: Lizards. The lizards currently released are the Black Water Monitor, Western Blue Tongue Skink, and Desert Monitor. I have created other single downloads in the past, such as Stethocanthus and Basilisk, but they weren't incredibly good. But, what am I working on now?

My Current Projects

At the moment, I am working on a couple various projects, some of which are solo, and some of which are with a team. I am not afraid to admit that I am nowhere near the best designer, and I know many people that are so much better than me. What I'm trying to do is improve my skills. Now, onto my solo projects. At the time, I am trying to improve my meshing and coding skills. With that in mind, I am trying to make an Arsinoitherium for Zoo Tycoon 2. The coding turned out great, but I haven't started on the meshing. The skinning on this will be interesting, as it will have 5 varient skins, with 2 of them being rare but awesome surprises. I am also contemplating some type of shark, so I can improve my meshing skills. I would be making the shark from scratch, not basing it off a model, like I usually do.

On team projects, I am loaded. I am a member on two design teams, Exotic Engineers and Nightshade. At the moment, Exotic Engineers (EE) is trying to find out what to design. It will be a small pack, but the first for EE. I am honored to be helping out. Nightshade is a design team I started, with my friend, Wolfen. We created the design team to make a pack, Cryptophobia. Cryptids of Europe is the only part of the megapack that is released. However, Nightshade is not working on the cryptid pack at the moment. With the help of my friend, Chipmunk, we are creating a colossal lizard pack, Reptile Revolution: Lizards. We have released 3 animals, but have countless others to do. I cannot release the information about the lizard we are working on right now, but it is a spectacular one.

I will keep blogging as more details surface.

Thank you,


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