"You better not critise this one"

The look on his face is telling me he will get very angry when I delete this mod based on personal mascots on DeviantArt that nobody ever cares about.


looks like someone before me who did "critise" these mods got mauled by an angry modded rhino. I think I need personal security from now on.

I am an opponent of the policy relating to game mods. Many mods and fanmade animals have their own article here. However, the encyclopedic relevance is close to none. Many other wiki's have a separate wiki for mods and fan-made content, fan art and fanfiction. Having articles about unofficial animals with no relevance makes the Zoo Tycoon Wiki look unprofessional.

Please know that not all mod articles are bad, it is just the gunk of horribly designed animals from small creators. Mods like Radical Remake are bigger, more professionally made and more well-known. Mods like those deserve their own article.

Zt-freak's proposals:

  1. Remove all the irrelevant fan-made content from this wiki, and put them on a Zoo Tycoon modding wiki or a fanfic wiki. The My Little Pony Wiki and the Nitrome Wiki have a separate wiki for fan-made content.
  2. Mods like Zoo Tycoon 2: Radical Remake can be kept as they are of bigger importance to the Zoo Tycoon community. The Command & Conquer Wiki has articles about FinalAlert and FinalSun, two fan-made map making tools, they also have articles about the Forgotten mod for C&C3.
  3. Articles about well-known websites are Zt-freak approved. Even wikis like Bulbapedia have articles about the fanbase. They however, do no have articles for every mod and every ROM hack ever created.
  4. Most of the nonsense articles are also short and they are tagged with the Bad template, indicating it is in fact a horrible article. And I didn't even put those templates there. Other users agree with me on the fact that these articles are of low quality.

There are already wikis for Zoo Tycoon mods and other fan-made content

Look at this list, maybe you can put some articles on other wikis:

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