Pic4 (4)

Blue Tree Monitor from VaranoMania 2.

VaranoMania 2 was a pack by SpinoSquad in 2011. There were 17 monitors in the pack, including the crocodile monitor, mangrove monitor, green tree monitor, and lace monitor, to name a few. The monitors are not the greatest quality, but that is due to the limited amount of experience SpinoSquad had at the time. Since then, he has become better.

Animals in pack:

  • Argus Monitor
  • Bengal Monitor
  • Black Tree Monitor
  • Blue Tree Monitor
  • Crocodile Monitor
  • Dumerils Monitor
  • Desert Monitor
  • Grays Monitor
  • Green Tree Monitor
    Pic1 (4)

    Desert Monitor from VaranoMania 2.

  • Lace Monitor
  • Mangrove Monitor
  • Mertens Water Monitor
  • Northern Sierra Madre Forest Monitor
  • Peach Throat Monitor
  • Perentie
  • Rock Monitor
  • Savannah Monitor

If you want to check out VaranoMania 2, despite it's quality, click here-[1]

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