The Wedge-tailed Eagle is a species of user-made animal in South-east Asian Adventure. It is one of the largest birds of prey in the world, and is easily recognised due to its wedge-shaped tail.


The female Wedge-tailed Eagle is larger than themale, weighing between 3 and 5.3 kilograms (6.6 and 12 lb). Males weight 2 to 4 kilograms (4.4 to 8.8 lb). Length varies between 80 and 104 centimetres (31 and 41 in) and the wingspan between 186 and 227 centimetres (73 and 89 in). Young Eagles are a mid-brown colour with slightly lighter and reddish-brown wings and head. As they grow older, their colour becomes darker, reaching a dark blackish-brown shade after about ten years. Adult females tend to be slightly paler than males. Although it rarely needs to be distinguished from other Aquila eagles, its long, wedge-shaped tail is unique to this species.


== Wedge-tails are found throughout Australia, including Tasmania, and southern New Guinea in almost all habitats, though they tend to be more common in lightly timbered and open country in southern and eastern Australia. As the breeding season approaches, pair of Wedge-tailed Eagle perch close to each other and preen each other. They also perform dramatic aerobatic display flights together over their territory. Sometimes the male dives down at breakneck speed towards his partner. As he pulls out of his dive and rises just above her on outstreched wings, she either ignores him or turns over to fly upside down, stretching out her talons. The pair may then perform a loop-the-loop.

The wedge-tailed eagle usually nests in the fork of a tree between one and thirty meters above the ground, but if there are no suitable sites, it will nest on a cliff edge. Both birds build the large stick nest, or add new sticks and leaf lining to an old nest. The female usually lays two eggs, and they are incubated by both sexes. After about 45 days, the chicks hatch. At first, the male does all the hunting. When the chicks are about 30 days old, the female stops brooding them and joins her mate to hunt for food. The young Wedge-tailed Eagles depend on their parents for food for up to six months after hatching. They leave only when the next breeding season approaches.

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