Palustrine Wetland

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Zoo Tycoon 2
Marshes, Swamps, Bogs, Fens, Vernal Pools, & Floodplains

Wetlands is a biome in Zoo Tycoon 2.

A wetland is a place that has moist conditions and soil is saturated for most of the year. These places are not regional biomes but definable areas of marshes, swamps, bogs, fens, vernal pools, and floodplains. A wetland can have trees and shrubs growing in and does not always have to have water. Water can be present underground or seasonal. Plants in a wetland are adapted for low-oxygen conditions due to frequent and variable periods of inundation.


Animal Status Star Rating Location Pack
American Beaver Vulnerable 3 North America Zoo Tycoon 2
Greater Flamingo Low Risk 1 Central Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Hippopotamus Vulnerable 2.5 Central Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Nile Crocodile Low Risk 1.5 Central Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Florida Panther Critically Endangered 5 Florida Endangered Species
African Buffalo Low Risk 0.5 Africa African Adventure
Nile Monitor Low Risk 1.5 Africa African Adventure
Ankylosaurus Extinct 4 North America Extinct Animals
Dimetrodon Extinct 3.5 North America Extinct Animals
Diprotodon Extinct 2 Australia Extinct Animals
Elephant Bird Extinct 2.5 Madagascar Extinct Animals
Kentrosaurus Extinct 2 East Africa Extinct Animals
Protarchaeopteryx Extinct 1 Asia Extinct Animals
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