Known as WIW for short, the ‘‘’What if World’’’ is a designing team. However, unlike other designing teams, whose main priority is making expansions for ZT2, this one is only planning to make one xp, as its main priority is the ‘‘’What if World Project’’’ (see below)


It all started in late 2007, when Smilodon (the current leader of the team) asked taniwha to help him in a project about the future evolution of life on Earth, presumably after reading his article about the inaccuracies of Animal Planet’s attempt of speculating it. Later, Smilodon gave the project up, and so he decided to make a project about how life would be if dinosaurs didn’t became extinct (similar to Dougal Dixon’s book). With the arrival of Hupdo to the team, and later of brachiosaur and Fennec Nichov (the later only stayed briefly), the project managed to develop well. Then, it became so well known in Zoo Tycoon Volcano that the members decided to make a pack and a card game; since then, many members had been envited to join, although only a hand full became permanent members. Then, with the series of unfortunate events that would make taniwha abandon forever ZTV, he was banned, until he returned several weeks later, as Ragnar Sturlosson.

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