The White Rhinoceros, Ceratotherium simum, is a large ungulate native to Africa.

The white rhino, along with the roughly equal-sized Greater one-horned (Indian) rhino, is the largest species of land mammal after the elephant. The white rhino is the least endangered of the living rhino species. Of its two distinct subspecies, the only populations of the Southern white rhino populations remain viable.The Northern white rhino is believed to be extinct in in its last known habitat in Garamba National Park due to poaching (International Rhino Foundation).

It was introduced in Zoo Tycoon 2: African Adventure, and makes a return in Zoo Tycoon (Xbox).

Zoo Tycoon 2


White rhinos live in the scrub biome. They will tolerate the savannah biome.


Rhinos are herbivores that feeds on grass and hay.


Rhinos use the salt lick and the pursuit ball.


Rhinos will use the shade structure and the concrete shelter.


White rhinos are social animals but do not live in large herds. Females give birth to one calf at a time. They do not mind sharing their exhibit with other species.

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