World of Zoo is a zoo simulation game created by Blue Fang Games (the creator of Zoo Tycoon) and THQ, with help from the National Geographic Society. It was made for the Nintendo Wii and DS, as well as the PC.


Unlike the Zoo Tycoon series, which is focused around building a zoo and keeping guests and animals happy, World of Zoo is focused around creating animals and caring for them in a first person view. 

Animal Creation

Creating an animal is fairly simple. The player is given a base animal to alter, changing the colors, size, personality, and body parts. New parts are unlocked by purchasing new animals with "Star Tokens," a currency achieved by making animals happy in Zookeeper mode. Once the player reaches the highest level achievable for an exhibit, they will unlock far more stylistic customization options for animals.

Caretaking/Zookeeper Mode

The player is given many options on what to give their animals, including foodstuffs, enrichment items, and tools (including a poop vacuum, a medical scanner, and cleaning supplies). As the player levels up as a caretaker for the animals, they will unlock new tools and, initially, new slots for animals on exhibition.


World of Zoo features 95 animals divided into 11 families and 20 available exhibits. Only the Wii and DS versions have all of the animals, while Canids are only exclusive to the DS version.


Animal Wii Version PC Version DS Version
Addax Yes No Yes
Blackbuck Yes No No
Bongo Yes No No
Common Duiker Yes No No
Gemsbok Yes No Yes
Impala Yes No Yes
Kirk's Dik-Dik Yes No No
Okapi No No Yes
Pronghorn Yes No No
Roan Antelope Yes No No
Sable Antelope Yes No Yes
Springbok Yes No No
Thomson's Gazelle Yes No No


Animal Wii Version PC Version DS Version
American Black Bear Yes No Yes
Brown Bear No No Yes
Gobi Bear Yes No No
Grizzly Bear Yes No Yes
Kodiak Bear Yes No No
Moon Bear Yes No No
Polar Bear Yes No Yes
Sloth Bear Yes No Yes
Spectacled Bear Yes No Yes
Sun Bear Yes No Yes
Tibetan Blue Bear Yes No No

Big Cats

Animal Wii Version PC Version DS Version
African Lion Yes Yes Yes
Bengal Tiger Yes Yes Yes
Caracal Yes Yes Yes
Cheetah Yes Yes No
Clouded Leopard Yes Yes Yes
Cougar Yes Yes Yes
Eurasian Lynx No No Yes
Jaguar Yes Yes Yes
Leopard Yes Yes Yes
Siberian Tiger No No Yes
Snow Leopard Yes Yes Yes


Animal Wii Version PC Version DS Version
African Wild Dog No No Yes
Arabian Wolf No No Yes
Arctic Fox No No Yes
Arctic Wolf No No Yes
Coyote No No Yes
Dingo No No Yes
Fennec Fox No No Yes
Gray Wolf No No Yes
Mexican Wolf No No Yes
Red Fox No No Yes
Red Wolf No No Yes
Spotted Hyena No No Yes


Animal DS Version
American Alligator Yes
Nile Crocodile No
American Crocodile Yes
Saltwater Crocodile Yes
Yacare Caiman No
Mugger Crocodile No
Dwarf Crocodile No
Black Caiman No
False Gharial No
Siamese Crocodile No
Gharial Yes
Orinoco Crocodile No


Animal DS Version
African Savannah Elephant Yes
African Forest Elephant No
Indian Elephant Yes
Sumatran Elephant No


Animal DS Version
Angolan Giraffe No
Reticulated Giraffe Yes
Masai Giraffe Yes
South African Giraffe No
Nigerian Giraffe No
Rothchild's Giraffe No


Animal DS Version
Queensland Koala Yes
New South Wales Koala No
Victorian Koala No


Animal DS Version
Giant Panda Yes
Qinling Panda No


Animal DS Version
Emperor Penguin Yes
Little Blue Penguin No
African Penguin Yes (as Black-footed Penguin)
Chinstrap Penguin Yes
Adelie Penguin Yes
Gentoo Penguin No
Macaroni Penguin No
Humboldt Penguin No
Royal Penguin Yes
Rockhopper Penguin Yes
Galapagos Penguin No
Yellow-Eyed Penguin No

Small Monkeys

Animal DS Version
Capuchin Monkey Yes (as White Faced Capuchin)
Squirrel Monkey No
Vervet Monkey No
Rhesus Monkey No
Patas Monkey No
Lesser Spot-Nosed Guenon No
Wolf's Mona Monkey No
Noisy Night Monkey Yes
L'Hoest's Monkey No
North Sumatran Leaf Monkey Yes
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Yes
Emperor Tamarin Yes
White-headed Marmoset Yes
Golden Lion Tamarin Yes
Douc Langur Yes
Guereza Monkey Yes
Mantled Howler Monkey Yes


Animal DS Version
Plains Zebra No
Domestic Horse No
Konik No
Brumby No
Chincoteague Pony No
Icelandic Horse No
Cape Mountain Zebra No
Onager No
Grevy's Zebra Yes
Misaki Horse No
Przewalski's Wild Horse Yes
African Wild Ass No


Critics' reception to World of Zoo was muted for the first two months after launch. Most reviewers have, as of December 15, 2009, declined to review the game or give a score. This includes better-known sites like IGN, GameSpot, Gametrailers, 1UP, and GameSpy. User scores have generally been positive. The Metacritic user score for World of Zoo is 96%.