World Wide Designers United or WWDU for short is a User group that makes Zoo Tycoon 2 User Made Packs. Recently they Reformed at Caldera to finish PP. At the moment there are two owners. Brach and Legosith/Legojedi. The team has shown great work with there animals getting higher and higher quality.

Prehistoric Pandemonium

Prehistoric Pandemonium is an expansion Pack by WWDU. Currently it is stated by owners of WWDU brach and lego that the expansion are half way done.

Recently, with the resurrection of Caldera Unlimited, Black Lemur (who had made unsupported accusations of hacking CU against others) made the assertion that, angered by others calling out his accusations, he was leaving Caldera Unlimited and that Prehistoric Pandemonium would not be released. Other users, both members and non-members of WWDU, reminded him that PP is a group effort and that he was not solely in charge. The status of Prehistoric Pandemonium remains indeterminate.


Black lemur

Black lemur is 14, He skins for the group and can mesh. He comes from England. He relinquished control of the group to Brach and Legosith as of late august 2009.


Better known as Jvm, he is 14 years old and lives in Illinois, USA. He likes dinosaurs, animals and films. He's been designing for almost two years. He skins codes and meshes.


Realy codes for WDU. He comes from Mexico. He was the newest addition to the group before Brachiosaur joined


Brachiosaur is the newest member. joined to help due to the sudden loss in members he helps with skinning,coding and meshing. As of late august he became joint owner along with Legosith. does a majority of meshing and skinning along with Legosith.  

Jntg4 Jntg4 is a recent member. He will skin, but can also code.

The Y2J Problem Another new member.

Nrg800 Nrg800 is 11 years old and lives in Sydney, Australia, he is also an active member of the Zoo Tycoon Community, He started in April 2006 of Zoo Admin than when it closed down he joined Zoo Tycoon Volcano, in July 2008 he joined WWDU and is a skinner, but sometimes codes


One of WWDUs graphic designers, his first artwork was made for WWDUs World Wide Wonders pack. Joined July 2008. As of 2012, he is no longer active in the commuinty due to diagreements with the staff of ZTV.

Expansion Contents

Animals in PP

The animals are going to be released by continent.

List of the animals released at Geyser Millenium(GM) forum.

List of the animals not released.

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