Xplosive Design Studios is Zoo Tycoon Volcano's offical designing group. It was created on June 1st 2008 by Zooasaurus Rex. The group is best known for the expansion back Formidable Seas and it's two released bonus downloads, the Frilled Shark and the Humpback Whale. But collapse due DM has join Aurora Design


The group currently consists of 7 full time members, and 3 part-time helpers. The members are as follows:

  • Main Members
    • Zooasaurus Rex-Main coder and skinner, also leads the team
    • Tyrannoplata-Main mesher, skins aswell
    • Panda King-Scenery coder, aswell as animal coder
    • Trexroarr-Zoopedia writer and tester
    • Mr.Cool-Tester and mapmaker
    • JVM/Kenny McCormick-Coder
    • King Hoopla-Advanced coding
  • Helpers
    • DinosaurMan-Sometimes helps meshing, left from XDS and join AD

Some members are also part of other teams, such as Mysterious Map Marvels.


The group is currently working on a variety of projects, but the overall focus is on Formidable Seas. Which still on holded.

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