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The Z-Studio started like some of the other teams, with the idea of a guy, who thought that Zoo Tycoon 2 designing was easy.On September 24th of 2008, Zelda-Maniack created his first "working" animal, so he knew that he was ready for his own designing team, The Z-studio was established in October 6th of 2008. The Paranoia idea appeared when Zelda-Maniack realized that there were just a few cryptids available for download, so he created a site and a forum, after the first Christmas Pack, many members retired from the team, and only Zelda-Maniack was left, until Zoo-Fanatic joined as a tester, a few days later he became a designer and later, the z-studio co-leader. After a year, on October 31st, the first part of Paranoia was released under the name of "Panic", seven months later, the second part of paranoia "Hysteria" was released. During the time, Z-studio has become one of the most famous designing teams.


The packs created by the Z-studio are as follow:


The Z-studio's history is filled with members coming and going, but only few have been constant XD The current members are the Following:

  • Zelda-Maniack: Leader, coder, skinner, mesher.
  • Zoo-Fanatic: Co-leader, skinner, coder.
  • Sable King: Moderator at the Z-studio Forums, and provider of good ideas.
  • Oceanic: Moderator at the Z-studio Forums, and provider of good ideas.

Retired Members:

The retired members list is too long so only a few will be mentioned.

  • MightyShakespeare
  • Coolcon55
  • Quentin96
  • Komori Miharu
  • Lupin
  • Prehistoric
  • Ludozoo


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