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Zoo Tycoon 2: European Expeditions is a user-pack expansion by HENDRIX. A longtime pet project of the designer, it was a highly anticipated user expansion at the time of it's release and includes a wide variety of wildlife native to Europe, including the Syrian Brown Bear, the Harbor Seal and the Greater Mouse-Eared Bat, the latter of which was the first functioning bat ever released for Zoo Tycoon 2.

It can be downloaded and installed here, though the flounder has not been translated into English.



Animal Biome Status Star rating Expansion required
Greater mouse-eared bat Temperate forest Low risk 1.2 African Adventure
Syrian Brown Bear Scrub Vulnerable 1.2 Endangered Species
Red deer Temperate forest Low risk 1.2 Zoo Tycoon 2
Red fox Grassland Low risk 1.2 Endangered Species
Common genet Scrub Vulnerable 2 Zoo Tycoon 2
European hamster Grassland Low risk 1.2 Zoo Tycoon 2
European hare Grassland Low risk 3.4 Zoo Tycoon 2
European hedgehog Temperate forest Low risk 1.2 Zoo Tycoon 2
Hoopoe Grassland Endangered 2 African Adventure
Northern bald ibis Scrub Critically endangered 1 African Adventure
Great jerboa Scrub Low risk 1 Zoo Tycoon 2
Lammergeier Alpine Critically endangered 2.3 African Adventure
Norwegian lemming Boreal forest Low risk 2.3 Zoo Tycoon 2
Ocellated lizard Scrub Low risk 3 Endangered Species
Mufflon Alpine Endangered 1 Zoo Tycoon 2
Olm Alpine Vulnerable 3 Marine Mania
European otter Temperate forest Endangered 2.3 Marine Mania
White pelican Coastal Vulnerable 3.4 Zoo Tycoon 2
Northern pike Wetlands Low risk 1.2 Marine Mania
European porcupine Savannah Vulnerable 2 Endangered Species
Common raven Boreal forest Low risk 1 African Adventure
Thornback ray Coastal Low risk 3.4 Marine Mania
Harbour seal Coastal Vulnerable 1 Marine Mania
Red squirrel Temperate forest Low risk 2.3 African Adventure
European sea sturgeon Coastal Critically endangered 4.5 Marine Mania
Wels catfish Wetlands Low risk 3.4 Marine Mania
Wild boar Temperate forest Low risk 4 African Adventure
European wildcat Temperate forest Endangered 1.2 Endangered Species

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