Mutant Canine and Mothman as seened in the Unidentifid eposter

Zoo Tycoon 2: Unidentified is a User-Made Expansion created by the designing team Cryptid Creators. It started when Murdock and Catboy decided that a lot of good cryptids were missed in Fiction or Reality and that someone should make them if Fantasy Fanatics weren't going to. The first animal that was confirmed for the pack were the Mothman. They always planned on doing 30 Cryptids


ZTU has 8 confirmed animals leaving 22 left animals to reveal.

Animal Biome Additional notes Picture
Maltese Tiger Tropical rainforest

The First finished animal and one of the three in the teaser.

Mutant Canine

Grassland One of the three animals in the teaser.
Nandi Bear Savannah One of the three animals in the teaser.
Mothman Grassland The very first revealed animal.

Currently no picture.

Yeren Alpine The first meshed animal.
Giant Rat Grassland

A very large mystic rat.

Amazing to have in your zoo!
Alien Big Cat Temperate Forest Made from a Sabre-toothed Cat.
Vampire Beast Boreal Forest A very creepy Vampire Beast.
Marozi Alpine Latest revealed animal.
Monster Sunfish Benthic First meshed MM animal
Kting Voar Alpine One of the first ever animals made from the Aurochs

Removed Animals

There was originally going to be a Jersey Devil in the pack but it was unfortunately removed and was replaced by the Giant Rat. The Florida Skunk Ape was removed before ever being started.


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