Zoo-Hispania is a Spanish Zoo Tycoon community and forum founded by Spanish designers Zerosvalmont and Realy, former members of Super Designers United. The forums are primarily Spanish, but there is also an international section available.

Original Zoo-Hispania was open to the public in August 2010 and saw an explosive increase on activity. In 2011 and 2012 most of its active members joined the community, year when the original website went offline but they moved to their actual one. Zoo-Hispania was the home for Spanish designing teams Hispa-Designs and Hispanium.


In late 2011 and early 2012 some members of the forum, led by Bunyupy, became involved in a long-running conflict with many designers from the international ZT2 community, criticizing many practices like private use content, a perceived hypocrisy (from supposedly perfectionist designers that released buggy downloads), excess of pressure and destructive criticism from certain users. This point of view received an extremely hostile response from the international (primarily Anglo-Saxon) community.

The conflict reached its climax when Slash, a member of Jagged Fang Designs, accussed Zoo-Hispania of racism and hate and later, on supposed behalf of JFD, sent an aggressive design challenge to Spanish designing team Hispa-Designs, who rejected the challenge due to it being disrespectful, meanwhile JFD reproached Slash's actions and retired the challenge. With Slash's withdrawal the conflict was settled in mid 2012.

Click here to visit Zoo-Hispania

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