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Crapton zoo still
Zoo Life
Parts: 1
Genre: Comedy


John Walton
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About Zoo Life

Zoo Life is a 2009 comedy short by director John Walton (Jesusranchjohn), set at the fictional establishment, Crapton Zoo. The machinima introduces audiences to the zoo's staff - a group of total incompetents who can't do their job. An offbeat comedy, Zoo Life has a very random style of comedy.


Terrence 'Terry' the Zookeeper:

Terrence the Zoo Keeper is, perhaps, the most incompetent at his job: he is terrified of even the most mundane and harmelss animals his care, and so rather than fulfilling his job requirements, he spends the entirety of his working day running around the zoo screaming!

Eddie and Freddie the Maintenance Crew:

Eddie and Freddie are the Zoo's resident maintenance workers: though they really don't do much work at all! Instead, the twosome sit around on the same bench, day in and day out, making their own little observations about the zoo and playing very short games of 'I Spy'!

Jack the Entertainer:

Jack is an entertainer - but a very unsuccessful one. In his entire Zoo career he has never had a single guest come to any of his shows, forcing him to perform for no one. However, he views this as more of a challenge than a set back - donning his purple tiger suit and singing for the staff instead!

Graham the Educator:

Graham was employed as an Educator, but with no visitors to educate, he instead preaches conspiracy theories to the rest of the staff - the sad thing is, he actually believes what he says...

Development and Release

Drawing inspiration from a thread at new forum, Stalkers Ranch, Jesusranchjohn had written, filmed and edited Zoo Life over three weeks. After uploading, Zoo Life was a big hit, to the extent where some fans of the directors' work have requested a sequel.


Even before the success of Zoo Life, the director has expressed interest in creating a sequel. "Of course, I could have gone much further - zoo keepers unable to reach food dishes is a personal pet peeve of mine - but I needed some material set aside should I decide to write a second!"

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