Zoo Tycoon 2 Island is a fansite and also the home of the Global Tycoonist Arts designer(S).


The site was made by the user Usernamer2 on wikia.(Known as dogsbreath the duhbrain on the site).

Relesed on Dec.25, 2010 as a 'merry zoo Christmas', the site has only been known for it's planned pack, Australia Attratctions which includes over 10 animals including the New Zeland Sea Lion, Platypus, and Emu.

It has a blog on Rumor Game.

Unfortuanatly, it was considered inactive on Dec.29, 2010 and is having a planned sequil site, Zoo Tycoon 2 Star.

Global Tycoonists Arts

This user expansion team is currently made of one member.They are in need for meshers ,coders, skinners, and testers.


Australian Attractions (Cancelled)

Rumor Game (Cancelled)

Michigan Mania(Planned but Cancelled)


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