Animal Biome Status Character Star rating Expansion required
I.R. Baboon Savannah Low risk I Am Weasel 4.5 African Adventure
Blu Tropical rainforest Low risk Rio 2.3 African Adventure
Bolt Grassland Low risk Bolt 1 Endangered Species
Bugs Bunny Temperate forest Low risk Looney Tunes 3 none
Chicken Grassland Vulnerable Cow & Chicken 4 none
Cow Grassland Low risk Cow & Chicken 4 Extinct Animals
Wile E. Coyote Desert Low risk Looney Tunes 4.5 Endangered Species
Darwin Pelagic Vulnerable The Amazing World of Gumball 2.3 Marine Mania
Daffy Duck Wetlands Critically endangered Looney Tunes 4 none
Gerald Scrub Low risk Mo Willems Series 3.4 none
Gumball Scrub Low risk The Amazing World of Gumball 4 Endangered Species
Foghorn Leghorn Grassland Low risk Looney Tunes 4.5 Extinct Animals
Mordecai Boreal forest Low risk Regular Show 1 none
Piggie Grassland Endangered Mo Willems Series 2 African Adventure
Rigby Boreal forest Endangered Regular Show 2 none
Road Runner Desert Endangered Looney Tunes 4 none
Rocko Temperate forest Low risk Rocko's Modern Life 1.2 none
Stitch Coastal Low risk Lilo & Stitch 5 Endangered Species
Sylvester Tropical rainforest Low risk Looney Tunes 2.3 none
Taz Grassland Critically endangered Looney Tunes 2 Endangered Species
Tweety Grassland Low risk Looney Tunes 2 none
I.M. Weasel Grassland Critically endangered I Am Weasel 2 African Adventure

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