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Animal Biome Status Scientific name Star rating Expansion required
Southern cassowary Tropical Rainforest Vulnerable Casuarius casuarius 1 Zoo Tycoon 2
Japanese crane Wetlands Endangered Grus japonensis 4 Zoo Tycoon 2
Laughing kookaburra Temperate Forest Low risk Dacelo novaeguineae 1.2 African Adventure
Golden pheasant Temperate Forest Low risk Chrysolophus pictus 2.3 Zoo Tycoon 2
Rowi Temperate Forest Low risk Apteryx rowi 3.4 Zoo Tycoon 2
Roseate spoonbill Wetlands Low risk Platalea ajaja 3 Zoo Tycoon 2
Toco toucan Tropical Rainforest Low risk Ramphastos toco 1 African Adventure

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