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The boxart for Made up Madness.

Made up Madness is a user made expansion pack by Black Rhino Ranger. The pack contains 50 imaginary animals.


Note: If you have normal animals in Zoo Tycoon 2, if Made up Madness is installed, all of your normal animals will turn into made up animals if installed.

Scrapped Animals

  • Glowing Edaphosaurus
  • Carnivorous Koala
  • Glowing Microraptor

Release date

The full XP was out during august 3rd to 15th. All animals are released.


  • Xtremepieman made the Bald Wolf become an internet meme and very popular around the ZT2 Fandom because of the fact BRR describes him as a naked animal with a p****. BRR later renewed his description by getting rid of the word "p****". Xtremepieman, however, still uses that line against him.
  • The Red Rhino is BRR's favourite creation.
  • The Red Rhino is the only animal with a special update. That update was him being a carnivore instead of a herbivore.
  • According to BRR at ZTV, the unwanted animals were not scrapped due to lack of imagination.
  • BRR requests that the Non-Colored Aardvark and the Dark Red Penguin are not to be textured at all. BRR did this to prevent the penguin from looking like Drahmin and Meat from Mortal Kombat. He also removed all coloring files from the Aardvark just like what its name was.
  • The Green Gorilla at first was not fully green. BRR did this because he needs to know where his fingers were.
  • BRR always wanted to have cartoon eyes for the animals. Other users who agreed to texture his first 20 animals gave them their original animal eyes again.
  • This is the first XP fully done by one user, even though it was heavily criticized by the Zoo Tycoon Community.


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