Zoo Tycoon 2: Paranoia!

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30 Cryptids and Mythological beasts,

Paranoia! is an expansion pack by Z-studio. The expansion has over 40 animals and has been one of the most anticipated expansions of the zoo tycoon user made franchise next to Island Excursions and Radical Remake. The expansion was thought to have large amount of glitches, the most severe being a glitch that prevents certain staff, the cloning button, and the extinct research lab from working properly, it also causes the ingame menu to glitch, to point of being unusable, but Z Studio updated all the files fixing the bugs.

Also, it turns that many bugs were not from Paranioa, but from other seprate downloads. The expansion mainly contains mythical and cryptic animals such as the European Dragon and Giant Anaconda and even Godzilla, although it does contain some real species like the Northern Raven and Black Cat, although these are mostly animals that have many myths and superstitions surrounding them, so they fit into the expansion just as well as any mythical animal. The expansion also contains gothic-themed buildings and objects, a UFO ride, and a host of creepy foliage such as a Dead Tree, Venus Flytrap, and Giant Mushroom. Put all this together and you have a zoo that will really make guests shudder.

Unfortunately however most of the original team hasn't been around for while making this packs completion unlikely, but however one person is trying to make a remake by the name of Paranoia reborn; with the animals being made in it can be seen below.





Animal Biome Status Star rating Expansion required Picture
Cadborosaurus Benthic TBA TBA Marine Mania
Cadborosaurus fish paranoia by budhiindra-d62fbha
Giant Anaconda (Remake) Wetlands TBA TBA None
Giant anaconda paranoia by budhiindra-d63aaz2
Hook Island Sea Monster Coastal TBA TBA Marine Mania
Loch Ness Monster (Remake) Littoral TBA TBA Marine Mania
Loch ness monster paranoia by budhiindra-d63aaup
Sea Monk Benthic Unknown TBA Marine Mania
Sea monk paranoia by budhiindra-d63aasg
Sand Reaper Coastal TBA TBA None
Sea Serpent (Remake) Benthic Mythical TBA Marine Mania
Sea serpen paranoia by budhiindra-d63aatv
Sirrush Scrub Unknown TBA African Adventure