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Zoo Tycoon 2: Radical Remake

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Aurora Designs
Release Date:
Newly textures animals, objects, biomes, and atmosphere

Radical Remake is a user-made project by Aurora Designs. It is a remake of Zoo Tycoon 2 and most of its expansion packs available to public. The expansion features better looks, better skies and better everything for Zoo Tycoon 2, making the game and its expansions much more realistic. Only a small fraction of the remade animals and textures have been publicly released. However, eventually many more will be released in the future.

Aurora Designs Website


The following animals are in Zoo Tycoon 2 - Part 1:

The following animals are in Zoo Tycoon 2 - Part 2:

The following animals are in Zoo Tycoon 2 - Part 3:

The following animals are in Zoo Tycoon 2 - Part 3, but have yet to be given a full reveal:

The following animals are in Endangered Species - Part 1:

The following animals are in African Adventure - Part 1:

The following animals are in African Adventure - Part 2:

The following animals are in Marine Mania - Part 1:

The following animals are in Marine Mania - Part 2:

The following that is remaked for Extinct Animals: 

Bonus DownloadsEdit


During August 2009, a Mustang was created for Zoo Tycoon 2. It was a bonus animal for Radical Remake. It lives in the grassland biome. The Mustang has ten skins and it comes with a Mustang Statue.

Great BarracudaEdit

A Great Barracuda was released on May 18, 2011. It was the first Marine Mania-based download released by AD and was paired near the announcement of Marine Mania Part 1.

Malayan TapirEdit

AD'S Malayan Tapir was released on January 4, 2012

Leafy Sea DragonEdit

Following the release of Marine Mania Part 1, the Leafy Sea Dragon was released on Aurora Designs' website.The Leafy Sea Dragon is one of the smallest animals released for the game. It's creator is known to be LeopardClaw after a while.It requires the Moray Eel Pack to work.

Asian ElephantEdit

Few days after the release of the Leafy Sea Dragon, the Asian Elephant was released on March 29, 2012. The Asian Elephant is the first bonus download remake released by Aurora Designs.

Fan's Choice winner: Indian RhinoEdit

On July 31, 2012, AD team announced Fan's Choice in which members of Northern Skies and Aurora Designs could pick a Bonus Download animal.The Indian Rhino received the most votes after two tours. On June 23, the Indian Rhino was released.


In January, 2013, the Addax was released on the Aurora Designs site.

Scimitar Horned OryxEdit

Along with the download, a new member is also announced: Longi.

Musk Ox

Not released yet

Holiday packs

Thanksgiving packEdit

The Thanksgiving Pack was created during October 2009. The pack features the Eastern Wild Turkey, as well as some foliage and scenery.

Winter Magic PackEdit

The Winter Magic Pack was made in December of 2009, but was not released until February, 2010. The pack came with a saiga and a Amur tiger. The pack was going to have scenery, but this was saved for a later pack. It also includes a Dead Tree.

Cerrado TreasureEdit

The Cerrado Treasure pack was made for Thanksgiving 2010 and was released in early December 2010. The pack is based on the Cerrado savannah region of South America. African Adventures is needed for this pack to work.

Download information and historyEdit


Before the Aurora Designs Dodo was released, a group called the Jagged Fang Designs had made one but hadn't released it yet. After AD's Dodo was released, JFD revealed their dodo.

ZT2: Part CEdit

The beta version of ZT2 Part C was released at the ZT2 Round Table forum containing all the Part C animals except for the Polar Bear and the African Lion.


Bonus animals, etc.Edit

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