Zoo Tycoon Horseland

Zoo Tycoon Horseland is a new Zoo Tycoon/Zoo Tycoon 2 website started recently by Princess Kiara. She was joined the next day by NataniTheLion, who is her best friend "in real life", who is now a co-owner.

Princess Kiara has designed a few rocks for Zoo Tycoon, but lost interest in ZT1 Designing soon afterwards, when she found out how to design in Zoo Tycoon 2. She is also a member of Zoo Tycoon Unleashed and Zoo Tycoon 2 Designing Centre. She is working on an XP called "For the Love of Horses!", which she will post at Zoo Tycoon Horseland.

Uniqueness of the Site

Princess Kiara and NataniTheLion have customized this site as to be very colorful. Their main colors are bright turquoise and bluish-purple, but there is also "Zoo Tycoon green", red, purple, orange, and yellow. Many of the forum buttons have been replaced with small animations of horses, and the site currently has no banner. There are also very few members, but the site will continue to expand as more user-created downloads are posted.

The admin are unique, too. Princess Kiara explicitly stated that she does not want to be seen as "an admin", but as a "fellow community member." But she adds that she will "crack down on offenders like any other admin". She and NataniTheLion lead all the forums.

Zoo Tycoon Horseland Board

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