Zoo Tycoon Member Refuge, also known as ZTMR,is a site dedicated to the memory of the Zoo Tycoon Official Forums.

Many members there have caused controversy. Ev, Apocalyptica, Sheep the Skater, Rosey_Unicorn, Meh, STW, and Gashson have been involved in various controversies.

Since the closing of the Official Forums in June, ZTMR has been hacked/spammed 3 times, and the culprit of every time is unknown. The site has recovered from every one, but has caused numerous complaints and even causing some to leave.

The moderating teams have varied since the beginning of the site. There were previously 4 admins- Ev (Evil Turkey), Apocalyptica, NVG (Nature Vet Girl), and Avatar2016 as the root admin. The moderator team is also made up of 4- Codewhale, Joyce, Grizzly, and Orka. Others that have been mods in the past include Codewhale, Joyce, Grizzly, Orka, Mutant, LouieDog, Utahthief, Druid, Sheep the Skater, Ice_Penguin, Rosey_Unicorn, MarineManiac, Firesong, and Bearcoon.

The site also holds a monthly contest for member of the month (MOTM). The first MOTM's were Rosey_Unicorn and Apocalyptica. The site can vote for any 3 members they want, other than past MOTMs.

Then, around April, 2009, the forums decided to create a new site to start off fresh. Since then, few have left. They are constantly trying to bring in more members, which is highly needed, for only about 14 members are still active.

However, not even a year after ZTMR2's creation, the original site was reborn. It is now called Reform and is ran by NVG and Hello Seattle! (Whisper). The site since then has lost a few members and gained a few members. There is no moderators at this time.

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