Zoo Tycoon United (known colloquially as ZTU) is a sucessful, but not known, Zoo Tycoon fansites. It was started on November 22, 2007 by Kinka. It is known mainly for its few downloads and loyal members. ZTU is known for its awe-inspireing skinning guide. The site closed soon after opening, but after ZTV got hacked, it was reopened.


Very few know the true history of ZTU, because it was never very succesful. Now because one of the admins, BenZooMaster, is starting an exp, it is slowly gaining members.

The EXP ZTU is making is called Life's Designs.


ZTU is believed to be the first ZT2 fansite to have an arcade. It was confirmed it has one of the oldest, but noone is sure if it beat out ZTV. Kinka, the owner and founder says, "I did have the first, but ZTV later stole my Idea, lol."

"They Givith, they takith away"

The fateful words said by KH as ZTV went down in tears, ZTU is making a "Hacker Watch." So far, it is a failure and his site is the only one participating, but many people think Kinka's lone efforts will save the community.


Teenage Forum

No one has confirmed this to be true, but some people believe there is a Teen Forum to ZTU that no one knows about. Kinka has not confirmed. He has said, "Why talk about sex on a ZT2 forum?"

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