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Zoo Tycoon Unleashed was possibly the largest current Zoo Tycoon 2 site, with over 25,762 members, five times the amount of Zoo Tycoon Volcano. The site was opened on January 1st, 2004 and had since grown into one of the best fan made Zoo Tycoon sites on the web. The site contained a huge amount of information on both ZT1 and ZT2. Campaigns, animals and tips could all be found for both games. In the mid 2000's, many new designers had appeared at the site creating more avalible downloads mainly for Zoo Tycoon 2, though downloads did exist for Zoo Tycoon 1. In late 2014, the site silently shut down, all pages leading to the forum now leading to a 'Contact Support' page.

Staff Edit

Unleashed had a large amount of staff to watch over the booming population of members it has. Unlike most other ZT2 sites most of the staff members are adults. The site is also known for being more strict with rules.

Zootycoonunlimited Edit

No longer active in the community, Zootycoonunlimited joined forces with Zoxaeus to start the Zoo Tycoon Unlimited Forums. Since Zootycoonunlimited left, the Zoo Tycoon Unlimited Forums became the now popular Zoo Tycoon Unleashed.

Zoxaeus Edit

The owner of Unleashed. Not usually active on the public forum, Zoxaeus was in charge or looking after the forum's technical issues and updates and could usually be found working behind the scenes..

Marlizdu Edit

Most often known as Marli on the forum, she was one of the two current admins. Marlizdu was mainly in charge of the downloads, but also the occasional update.

PsychicZookeeper Edit

The second of the two admins at Unleashed, PZ was in charge of updates and the basic running of the site.

Other Staff Edit

There were a wide varity of staff members at Unleashed, from moderators to designers. The most current mods were: Anyajoy, Heklar, Lam, OldLadyMoose, Ratbag Oz, Soopermum62, Taysha and TazLover. The most current designers were: African Raptor, Dr. Rick, Genkicoll, Papa Panda, Shadow&Flame and Lupin. Other staff members included Zooworld, JimB, and Shannon.

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